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OSHA Trained Operators Needed

Heavy equipment operators are in constant demand. The need for OSHA trained operators in North Carolina and throughout the US is driven (in part) by the US government. Spending for development and infrastructure projects is on the rise. Plus, our government continually releases emergency relief funds. These funds pay for the repair of roads and bridges damaged by severe storms and unexpected events. Utilities and private industry also play a big role in the call for skilled operators. Good paying HEO jobs for excavators are on track to grow faster than the average for all occupations.

HEO Average Salary: $42,900*

*Source: US Dept of Labor (2018). Wages may vary by location.


Land development requires moving dirt for site preparation and utility installations by employers like these:

  • Concrete Contractors
  • Construction Firms
  • Debris Removal Companies
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Erosion Control Firms
  • Forestry / Logging Firms
  • Landfill Operators
  • Local + State Municipalities
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Propane / Natural Gas Companies
  • Site Development Firms
  • Utility Companies

Trade Work

Companies working in skilled crafts or specialized trade services like these hire heavy equipment operators:

  • Asphalt Companies
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Disaster Response + Recovery
  • Farmers
  • Funeral Homes / Burial Companies
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Material Handling Companies
  • Mining Firms
  • Paving Contractors
  • Quarries
  • Recycle / Scrap Metal Industry
  • Stone Contractors


Heavy equipment operators can find work with companies servicing commercial and residential properties:

  • Airports
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Fence Companies
  • Golf Courses
  • Irrigation Contractors
  • Landscape Companies
  • Lawn Care Service
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Septic Tank Installers
  • Residential Contractors
  • Swimming Pool Installers
  • Tree Services
  • Turf Farms
Entry level excavator operator

How Much Do HEOs Make?

Salaries depend on experience and location. Average US salary is $42K (about $20/hr) plus a benefits package.



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