Traffic Safety Cones

Traffic Control Course

Raleigh NC 2 Days (Fri & Sat) 9AM - 5PM

In this 2-day course you will learn communication and safety standards for managing the flow of traffic in work zones. You will graduate this course fully informed and trained to immediately enter the workforce as a traffic controller.

The course provides entry-level flaggers with both classroom and field training hours. A Certificate of Training and pocket card is issued upon successful completion of our OSHA authorized training program. Graduates also get immediate job placement assistance for finding work as a traffic controller.

Our Traffic Control Training Program will teach you:

OSHA Safety Regulations
Classroom training on personal safety, traffic safety and work zone safety. Covers your rights under federal law for a safe workplace.
Signs and Barricades
Learn how to safely place work zone signs and barricades.
Learn standard flagging procedures for allowing traffic to safely pass through construction and other work zones.
Use radios and hand signals for coordinating traffic flow with team members.
Mock Job Site
Use traffic control skills in a mock worksite environment. Perform various flagging procedures and hand signals required in actual employment situations.

Hands-on Training with Traffic Control Equipment

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) work zone safety standards require that "flaggers and traffic control devices be provided when signs, signals and barricades are not enough to protect workers, equipment, pedestrians and vehicles."

What is a Flagger?

Traffic Flaggers are the people on construction sites who control traffic. They are the men and women along roads and highways helping to maintain a safe flow of traffic when lanes are shut down. Flaggers often work in teams, with each person controlling the flow of traffic in a certain direction.

In this course you will gain the skills for making sure everyone in a work zone stays safe — including yourself. Traffic flaggers are effective in preventing accidents yet they expose themselves to the most hazardous road conditions.

You will work in a mock construction zone to execute standard practices for safe traffic control. To become a skilled flagger you will also learn how to stay focused for making good decisions and handling emergency situations.

Traffic Control Training Cost: $500

Program Fee Includes:

  • Tuition
  • Registration Fee
  • Supplies
    • Books
    • Hard Hat
    • Reflective Safety Vest

Required Supplies

Available for purchase or students may provide their own:

  • OSHA Approved Steel Toe Boots

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