Skid Steer Loader
Heavy equipment operators train on new machines like these John Deere skid steers.

Skid Steer Loader Course

Raleigh NC 3 Weeks (Tue - Fri) 7AM - 5PM

In this 120 hour course you will learn to safely operate and maintain a skid steer loader. You will graduate this course fully informed and trained to immediately enter the workforce as a heavy equipment operator.

The course provides entry-level skid steer operators with 40 classroom hours and 80 machine training hours. A Certificate of Training and pocket card is issued upon successful completion of our OSHA authorized training program. Graduates also get immediate job placement assistance for work operating a skid steer loader.

Our Skid Steer Loader Training Program will teach you:

OSHA Safety Regulations
Classroom training on personal safety, machine safety and work area safety. Covers your rights under federal law for a safe workplace.
Locate, identify and describe skid steer loader operator controls, switches and gauges including warning levels.
Locate, identify and describe functions of skid steer loader engine, powertrain, steering, braking and hydraulics.
Complete walk-around and pre-shift safety inspections of the skid steer loader.
Stick-Time Training
Skid steer loader start-ups and shut-downs, brake tests and basic operating procedures in various practical applications.
Mock Job Site
Operate skid steer loader equipment in a mock worksite environment. Perform various procedures and maneuvers required in actual employment situations.

Hands-on Training with Real Skid Steer Loader Equipment

No simulators here. You will train on new and modern skid steer loader machinery learning the latest methods and techniques of operation.

What is a Skid Steer Loader?

A skid steer loader is the compact vehicle on four wheels (or tracks) that you see just about anywhere outdoor work is happening. It gets its name from the skidding action required for steering and turning. These rugged machines are used for digging, loading, pushing and grading.

In this course you will learn the proper names and locations of all skid steer loader parts and attachments, plus understand how they work. Our skid steer loader course includes information on the huge number of attachments that make the skid steer loader one of the most versatile machines in the yard.

You will work in-the-seat on a skid steer loader to learn how to steer and control the equipment. To become a skilled operator you will also learn to read and adjust excavator gauges for safe operation, plus methods for changing attachments from augers to scrapers and buckets.

Skid Steer Loader Training Cost: $3,500

Program Fee Includes:

  • Tuition
  • Registration Fee
  • Physical / Drug Test
  • Supplies
    • Books
    • Hard Hat
    • Reflective Safety Vest

Required Supplies

Available for purchase or students may provide their own:

  • OSHA Approved Steel Toe Boots

Optional Housing and Meal Services:

  • $600 Hotel Lodging (12 nights double occupancy)
  • $250 Sunday Arrivals (3 nights)
  • $180 Dining Plan

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